[Mod Post] HIATUS

This comm will go on


I do not know how long will it be, but because this comm has not been moving for the past 1 or 2 months and both iceduelist and I are pretty busy. So Hopefully~ soon~

Sorry to those who participated in week 56 and 57, I guess we have to postpone the result and voting dates! SORRY! >_______

[Voting Post] Week 56 - Atobe Keigo

Yeah, it seems like everyone's really busy with christmas shopping that hardly anyone submit their icons ;____;

I guess we should be grateful that we still manage to have 6 icons~! YEAH!!
Please vote for 3 of your favourite icons and one special category [Best Effects]. Do not vote for yourself and do not vote for an icon for more than once.
Ore-sama bigi ni yoina!Collapse )
Voting will end by Tuesday, 25 Dec. MERRY CHRISTMAS IN ADVANCE!! XD
Banner maker for the week will be spottedtail, please tell me if you're available ok? XD

[Reminder Post] Week 56 - Atobe Keigo

Please be reminded that you still have two more days or so to submit at most 2 icons for the theme ATOBE KEIGO. You can use fanarts or doujinshis,if there is permission from the owner. As long as Atobe is in the icon, anything will do. Nothing too graphical should be used. Currently we have 2 icons and i really hope that every member can give in more no matter how busy you are.

NOTE: You are to vote for the week COMPULSORY if you have participated for the week, unless for cases like not enough submissions for the week, you'll be spared. lol~

Please submit your icons by FRIDAY 14 DECEMBER 2007!!

[Submission Post] Week 56 - Atobe Keigo

I think let's have a easier theme before i blames myself for not moderating this comm well and self-destruct! XD

This week's theme is


You can interpret the theme in any way you want. For example, you can have a picture of Atobe Keigo going "Ore-sama bigi ni yoina~!". You can also use grey,blue and white as main colours in your icon, use sparkles or use any phrases that Atobe normally use e.g. "Jump! Kabaji!", "Ann? Kabaji?" or even "Tezuka!". Or even just use his name ATOBE KEIGO in your icon. I think this will be a very fun theme and try your best to submit as much icons as possible!

Spread the love! Viva la Atobe! (^ω^)*

Submission Guideline


- Never try to publicize your icons!
- STILLNESS Icons should not be animated. NOT ANIMATED.
- 100x100px or 40kb LJ standards => less than or equal to 100x100 pixels and 40kb
- Two submissions per username.
- Fresh Icons must be made by you and newly-made, do not use icons made by someone else or icons made in the past.
- Both of official arts and unofficial arts (with credit) are allowed now.
- Be a member Have to be a member to submit and vote.
- Your icons must fit the theme of that week.

Icons are due Next Friday December 14th, 2007!

Meanwhile, please remember to vote for your favourite icon in Week 55 - Christmas #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more day for you to vote!!!

P.S. I think we'll continue the Christmas icontest series next week when more people are free to make icons~

Have any suggestion on the next theme? Suggest it in HERE!