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Pot Stillness Icontest Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Pot Stillness Icontest Community



About Mod

A wacky 16 year old craving for bishounen icons.
Fav. School: Hyotei RikkaiDai Seigaku

An incredible icon maker with an obsession over Yzak Jule and Mukahi Gakuto.
Fav. School:Hyotei RikkaiDai

About Comm

This is Prince of Tennis Icon Stillness Contest. It consists of non-motion icons made by its lovely members every week~!


The Layout

This layout features characters from Ootori Choutarou and Shishido Ryou and it was made by KILLABARBIE. Brush from Latex and Leather.

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[Mod Post] HIATUS [Saturday 9.2.08 @ 0:13am]

This comm will go on


I do not know how long will it be, but because this comm has not been moving for the past 1 or 2 months and both iceduelist and I are pretty busy. So Hopefully~ soon~

Sorry to those who participated in week 56 and 57, I guess we have to postpone the result and voting dates! SORRY! >_______
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[Reminder Post] Week 56 & 57 [Tuesday 8.1.08 @ 22:30pm]

Please be reminded to vote for more for week 56 in order to break the ties AND to submit your RikkaiDai icons in week 57. Sorry for the late reminder, I got food poisoning recently ;_____;
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[Reminder Post] Week 56 - Atobe Keigo [Thursday 27.12.07 @ 1:25am]

Due to too many ties in all 4 positions, I would like to extend the voting week to latest this Saturday, 29 December, Please encourage all of your friends to vote for us, in order to break the ties!! XD Thanks~!

If you have not cast your votes, please do so in this post. Thank you soo much~! Merry Christmas and happy boxing day! XD
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[Submission Post] Week 57 - Given Picture [RikkaiDai Fuzoku] [Sunday 23.12.07 @ 13:37pm]

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH~! Given Picture! I bet there will be many submissions! XD Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us You can make three icons. One from each image. =3 Please submit your icons by FRIDAY 28DEC!!
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[Voting Post] Week 56 - Atobe Keigo [Sunday 23.12.07 @ 12:25pm]

Yeah, it seems like everyone's really busy with christmas shopping that hardly anyone submit their icons ;____;

I guess we should be grateful that we still manage to have 6 icons~! YEAH!!
Please vote for 3 of your favourite icons and one special category [Best Effects]. Do not vote for yourself and do not vote for an icon for more than once.
Ore-sama bigi ni yoina!Collapse )
Voting will end by Tuesday, 25 Dec. MERRY CHRISTMAS IN ADVANCE!! XD
Banner maker for the week will be spottedtail, please tell me if you're available ok? XD
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[Reminder Post] Week 56 - Atobe Keigo [Monday 17.12.07 @ 20:16pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Although it's been a week, there's only 5 icons! I hope that we can have at least 8 icons for voting, so please participate in the competition and please do not just vote! It's fun to participate in the challenge! XD

Please submit your icon(s) in this post by 21 December!!

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[Reminder Post] Week 56 - Atobe Keigo [Thursday 13.12.07 @ 0:15am]

Please be reminded that you still have two more days or so to submit at most 2 icons for the theme ATOBE KEIGO. You can use fanarts or doujinshis,if there is permission from the owner. As long as Atobe is in the icon, anything will do. Nothing too graphical should be used. Currently we have 2 icons and i really hope that every member can give in more no matter how busy you are.

NOTE: You are to vote for the week COMPULSORY if you have participated for the week, unless for cases like not enough submissions for the week, you'll be spared. lol~

Please submit your icons by FRIDAY 14 DECEMBER 2007!!
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[Banner] Week 55 - Christmas #1 [Monday 10.12.07 @ 23:29pm]
Sorry, I did not have time to work on the banner for longer. I hope it is good enough. ;_;

Only 1 bannerCollapse )
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[Winner Post] Week 55 - Christmas #1 [Monday 10.12.07 @ 22:05pm]

I guess this theme is not as thrilling as i thought it would be, one vote only, despite leaving the voting post for a week ;__________;

First Place and only place is....sobCollapse )

The banner maker for the week will be yukimura, please comment if you are not available to make them, thanks! =3 -hearto-

Remember to participate in the new theme Week 56 - Atobe Keigo by Friday!
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[Submission Post] Week 56 - Atobe Keigo [Friday 7.12.07 @ 0:58am]

I think let's have a easier theme before i blames myself for not moderating this comm well and self-destruct! XD

This week's theme is


You can interpret the theme in any way you want. For example, you can have a picture of Atobe Keigo going "Ore-sama bigi ni yoina~!". You can also use grey,blue and white as main colours in your icon, use sparkles or use any phrases that Atobe normally use e.g. "Jump! Kabaji!", "Ann? Kabaji?" or even "Tezuka!". Or even just use his name ATOBE KEIGO in your icon. I think this will be a very fun theme and try your best to submit as much icons as possible!

Spread the love! Viva la Atobe! (^ω^)*

Submission Guideline


- Never try to publicize your icons!
- STILLNESS Icons should not be animated. NOT ANIMATED.
- 100x100px or 40kb LJ standards => less than or equal to 100x100 pixels and 40kb
- Two submissions per username.
- Fresh Icons must be made by you and newly-made, do not use icons made by someone else or icons made in the past.
- Both of official arts and unofficial arts (with credit) are allowed now.
- Be a member Have to be a member to submit and vote.
- Your icons must fit the theme of that week.

Icons are due Next Friday December 14th, 2007!

Meanwhile, please remember to vote for your favourite icon in Week 55 - Christmas #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more day for you to vote!!!

P.S. I think we'll continue the Christmas icontest series next week when more people are free to make icons~

Have any suggestion on the next theme? Suggest it in HERE!
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[Voting Post] Week 55 - Christmas #1 [Monday 3.12.07 @ 22:52pm]

Sadly, not many people like this theme, so we have very very little submissions.

Well, we still have to move on with life, don't we? =)

Please vote for only ONE icon. Thanks~!
and hope that you voters can participate in the challenges too!!

Cutting my soul~~Collapse )

Voting ends by Thursday.
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[Reminder Post] Week 55 - Christmas #1 [Sunday 2.12.07 @ 13:04pm]

I know its kinda early to celebrate Christmas now but please submit some icons! We should go FA-LA-LA-LA-LA-ing while the season isn't over yet, shouldn't we?!

Please submit your icons to this post by latest tomorrow!

Have any interesting themes? Suggest them in this post!!
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[Mod Post] Suggestion Box [Sunday 2.12.07 @ 13:01pm]

Do you think that our themes are getting lamer and not attactive enough for you to post any icons? Or are they too vague for you to interpret?

So write some of your favourite themes to us!
Just comment here and we will do our best to use them! =D

All comments will be screened.
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[Extension Post] Week 55 - Christmas #1 [Sunday 25.11.07 @ 21:38pm]

Oh my! Everyone's still busy! (including me~) I guess i have to extend the week for everyone to submit their icons in!

Please submit your icons by Next Friday, 30 November into this post!
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[Banner Post] Week 48 - "Faceless #2" [Wednesday 21.11.07 @ 16:16pm]

Here are the banners for zerosaver,iceduelist,yukimura,inquisitory and asazuki_satoka

No face allowedCollapse )
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[Banner Post] Week 51 - Racquets [Wednesday 21.11.07 @ 14:52pm]

Here's the banners for yukimura, asazuki_satoka and oishiionigiri.

Banners~!Collapse )

If you have not receive your banner, please comment in this post in this format:
Week: (which week you have won)
Place: (first, second, third or special category)
Image url:(original image, or i can help you add any POT image)
Icon url: (your winning icon)
Entry Proof:(the url of the specific week post)

We will make them asap! =)
Note: I will be posting Week 48 banners next, please be patient! =)
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[Submission Post] Week 55 - Christmas #1 [Wednesday 21.11.07 @ 1:19am]

Merry Christmas in advance everyone! How's halloween? Fun? =3
To celebrate this festive season throughout the month of December, i've decided to come up with this theme!

This week's theme is


This theme will basically focus on SPECIAL BROMIDES WINTER VERSION, which means that we will only accept icons from that set of pictures.

Here are some of the pictures that we specifically want ONLY : Click this link!

Submission Guidelines
Icon url: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v21/yellowblade/NewIcons2/ryomaechizen1.jpg
Original Image: [your url here]
Credits: (optional)

- 2 icons per username
- 100x100 icons
- not more than 7 days older
- more details, check out the comm profile

Please submit your icons by 24 November, Saturday!! =)
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[Banner Post] Week 54 - Halloween [Monday 19.11.07 @ 12:31pm]

iceduelist-san is on haitus and i'm off hiatus, so i'm going to take over here! =) Welcome me back~

Anyway, here's the banners of week 54 Halloween for keight_michelle, yukimura and milkyxduckie

It's been a long time since i last made banners, so....sorry!!Collapse )

I'll make the week 51 banners and post the next theme later, please be patient! =D
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[Winner Post] Week 54 - "Halloween" + Hiatus [Tuesday 13.11.07 @ 17:20pm]
[ mood | working ]

I am sorry for being late. I had a little problem + am busy...

Banner maker this week is me. Please comment with original image URL if you have won and want a banner. I am very, very sorry that I haven't finished the banners of previous weeks yet. School is being really difficult now. I am so sorry. Feel free to kick me for being such an irresponsible mod.

I am really sorry to say that I would like to put pot_stillness on hiatus for 1-3 weeks due to my schooling. I feel guilty because I haven't talked to asazuki_satoka about this yet but decided to go on hiatus already, but I will come back soon. However, asazuki_satokawill be back next week. The hiatus may not be so long. Sorry again...
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[Voting Post] Week 54 - "Halloween" [Saturday 10.11.07 @ 12:37pm]
We have only 5 icons, but I don't want to extend anymore. No Mod's Choice this week, anyways.

Voting Rules 

1.Do not vote for the same icon twice. 
2.Do not vote for your icon.
3.Please vote for 3 icons(First place, second place and special category). This week's special category is Most Creative
4.There will be no Mod's Choice

Vote like this 
12 , 32
SC: 31 

Points for 1st is 3 and 2nd is 2.

Voting ends on Sunday November 12, 2007.
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